The DUI Defense You Need

No matter whether you are facing your first DUI or if you have previous drunk driving convictions, you need to present a strong defense that can help you avoid a conviction.

Do You Really Know All Of The Consequences Of A DUI?

Many people fail to realize the necessity of fighting their DUI charge. A single DUI conviction carries harsh penalties such as a lengthy driver's license suspension, fines, court costs, and other penalties. More importantly, having a DUI conviction on your record can dramatically increase your insurance costs for years to come. If you get a second, or subsequently a third or even fourth DUI, within a prescribed period of time the consequences become much more severe. The length of jail time, the amount of fees, fines, as well as your driver's license suspension increases dramatically. A fourth DUI conviction within a prescribed period of time is a felony.

Because the consequences for DUI grow so dramatically, it is important that you fight the DUI you are facing now. Failing to do so could have you facing years of consequences that seriously impact your life.

Protecting Your Driver's License

We know that for many people it is extremely important to protect their driving privileges. Being able to handle our daily responsibilities often requires the ability to drive. For some, such as commercial drivers and others, the loss of driving privileges can threaten their employment. We help people work to maintain their driving privileges by building strong cases and by helping people secure hardship licenses so that they can continue to take care of their essential responsibilities.

Putting Our Decades Of Combined Experience To Work Protecting You

At Fowler Byers Law Group, PLLC, our attorneys understand the impact a DUI conviction can have on a person's life. The challenges that are created by being convicted of DUI are very difficult and they grow with each subsequent DUI conviction. Our extensive experience working in our local courts has given us a depth of knowledge regarding what legal strategies are most effective. We question all aspects of your arrest and the charges you are facing. Was there probable cause to stop you in the first place? Was the officer who conducted your field sobriety test properly trained? We examine every possible way to build the case you need.

DUI Defense Attorneys Serving Owensboro, Kentucky, and The Surrounding Areas

We offer the highly effective DUI defense you need. Come in and discuss your situation with us. We will work hard to earn your trust. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys, call 270-228-2156 or contact us online.