Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the experience of the attorney you choose to represent you can have a major impact on the outcome of your case. Most people are not motorcycle riders and they may not understand what it is like to ride. They may not understand how often motorcycle riders are put in dangerous situations by other drivers. Often times motorcycle drivers were not seen or other drivers fail to respect the amount of space a motorcycle rider needs to be safe.

Experience Matters

Attorneys Kelly Fowler and Ben Byers have helped many injured motorcycle riders over the course of their careers. They understand what evidence needs to be presented to help their clients obtain the full compensation they deserve for their injuries and other types of damages, such as lost wages.

Having that experience on your side is essential because so often motorcycle accidents cause some of the most catastrophic injuries:

We also assist families who have lost loved ones in fatal motorcycle accidents.

Putting Our Decades Of Combined Experience To Work Protecting You

At Fowler Byers Law Group, PLLC, our firm is committed to helping injured motorcycle riders and their families effectively pursue the compensation they need and deserve. Recovery can be a long road. The cost of medical care and other financial burdens such as lost wages can create real stress and anxiety for people when they should be able to focus on regaining their health. We work to relieve our clients, to take the weight off of their shoulders so they can look ahead instead of worrying about their case. Our decades of combined experience and skill in the courtroom can help you secure the compensation you need.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Owensboro, Kentucky, and The Surrounding Areas

You cannot afford to work with an attorney you do not fully trust to be able to meet your needs. Come in and discuss your situation with us. We will work hard to earn your trust. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys, call 270-228-2156 or contact us online.